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The first fulfilled bangla newspaper was Samchar Darpan. It was a weekly newspaper published in 19th century by the Baptist Missionary Society at Serampore. But some historian says that the Bengal Gazetti published by Ganga Kishore Bhattacharya was the 1st one. The 1st Bangladesh news paper was the Daily Ittefaq. Actually it was published 1st in 1953. Now in 2013 the most popular bangla newspapers of Bangladesh are Prothom-alo, Ittefaq, Kaler Kontho, Jugantor etc. Now it’s the time of modern science. And now everything is found on the internet. So newspapers are also online now. The 1st online Bangladeshi newspaper was Now there is many online bangla newspaper website. The daily published bangla newspapers like Prothom–alo are also has online version. Bangla newspaper is one of a top Bangladeshi or bengali newspapers web directory all over the Bangladesh and Calcutta. Your one step solution for reading all Bangla newspaper published from Bangladesh or abroad. Here you will find website url of all the leading Bangla daily newspaper, weekly newspaper or magazines, web portal, news portals, online newspaper links etc across the country. Bangla Newspapers list are included bellow. All newspapers list organized by reputation & alphanumeric. Just click over the link of your desired Bangla news paper site and feel free to browse.

Bangla Newspaper


Bangladesh is a small, independent and developing country in Asia continent. It’s the only country in the world who fought for her language. Bangladesh is also a developing country. In 1971 it became Independent. The language of Bangladesh is Bangla. Bangla is a most respected Language in the world because International Mother Language is bangla announced by UNESCO. 21 February is International Mother Language Day. There are a lot of Bangladeshi newspaper. Maximum newspaper in Bangladesh published by Bangla Language. The area of this country is 147570 square kilometer. The population of this country is 15 crore. This country is also known as the land of rivers. It has the largest mangrove forest in the world named Sundarbans. The world famous Royal Bengal Tigers are found only in Sundarbans. Another famous place is Cox’s Bazaar. This is the longest sea beach of the world. Bangladesh has some small mountains. The tallest is the Keokradong. The tea garden of Sylhet is also well known. Chittagong and Mongla sea port are the largest sea ports. This country has 7 division and 64 districts. And it has 68000 villages. About 80% people of this country are farmers. The literacy rate of this country is about 60%. 27% of total population lives in urban area. The national animal is the Royal Bengal Tiger. The national fruit is jackfruit. The capital of this country is Dhaka. This mega city is also called “The city of mosques.” This city is densely populated. The main problem of this city is traffic jam. The main cause of this traffic jam is non planned roads and illegal driving. The main airport is Shahjalal Intl. Airport. The biggest train station is Komlapur station. This city is also known as the city of rickshaw. This small country has many problems and limitations. But we hope Bangladesh will be a developed country one day.

Bangladesh News paper

In Bangladesh there are many bangla language newspaper. These newspapers has online version. Foreign people and Bangla language known people wants to read all Bangla news paper. But it is quite impossible to read all bangladeshi newspaper by typing all Bangla newspapers url one by one. So it is a Small effort to Writ Near at hand all Bangla news paper by browsing one website. its name. People visit and get all bangla newspapers website link at one page. is most popular Bangladesh news paper web Directory in Bangladesh.

History of Newspaper

Newspaper is publication of papers containing daily or periodically news of current events. It can also contain informative articles. It’s also a way for advertising. Newspapers are usually printed on cheap papers. It’s called newsprint paper. The WAN-IFRA (World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers) reported a list of newspapers having the largest circulation. In 2011, India was the leading country of newspaper circulation daily. It was near 330 million. China was at the top in 2005. There are many types of newspaper. The newspapers mainly aim at a definite group of readers, usually geographically. Some newspapers target on groups of people by their interest. As like there are daily and weekly newspapers and also sports newspapers. There are also monthly and yearly newspapers. The very first form of newspaper of the world was published in ancient Rome. It was more like government bulletins. It was written on metal plate or stone and placed in public places. In 17th century Europe, there were hand writing newssheets. In China, during the Han Dynasty there were government produced news sheets. The government of Venice first published the monthly notices in 1556. Whatever, these published news sheets doesn’t fulfill the typical requirement for an actual newspaper. The name newspaper became popular in the 17th century in Germany. The first newspaper was Strasbourg Relation. In the early Indian subcontinent during the mughal period there was hand written newspaper.

Bangladesh News paper