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Travis and Lauren’s Engagement Portraits

Ahh… new love! It’s so much fun to photograph engagement portraits, and although we’re taking a break from wedding photography at the moment, we love photographing people in love… new love or old. =) We actually photographed Travis’s senior portraits years ago, so when he called to enquire about engagement photography, we were really thrilled…

Ryan and Kelli’s Proposal & Engagement Portraits

When Ryan booked a portrait session for his girlfriend and him, he must have won major points with Kelli. I mean, that’s a pretty thoughtful and romantic thing for a guy to do. What Kelli didn’t know, is that Ryan had it all planned out to propose about halfway through the session and he totally…

Lauren & Tyler: Engaged

If Ray-Ban is looking for models for their latest shades, I think we’ve found them! They both rock the Ray-Bans like nobody’s business, and Tyler told me he buys a brand new pair every year! Seriously, Ray-Ban, you need to look these two up. =) Looking forward to photographing Tyler and Lauren’s wedding later this…

Tim & Cassidy: Engaged

  We’re excited to photograph Tim and Cassidy’s wedding later this year, and here are some of our favorite photos from their recent engagement session! Congrats, Tim and Cassidy! Thanks for being such great models for us! =)  

Tammie and Trey’s Engagement Portraits

We’re excited to be photographing Tammie and Trey’s wedding later this Spring, and wanted to share a few favorites from their recent engagement session. Love those spring colors and the nice mild spring temps we’ve been having so far this year!

Nick & Kelly: Engaged

Time for some more favorites from our most recent engagement session… the fabulous Kelly and Nick! I love Nick’s accent, and they’re both so sweet, I can’t wait to photograph their wedding later this year.

Andy & Erica: Engaged

Just wanted to share some favorites from Andy & Erica’s recent engagement session. We’re looking forward to photographing their wedding later this spring, and I was glad we got a warm, sunny day for their engagement portraits. You never know this time of year! This next picture is possibly inspiring me to create a gallery…

Cameron & Madalyn: Engaged

I’m just finishing up their wedding, and realized I was too busy at the time last year to blog about Cameron & Madalyn’s engagement! So, thought I’d post a few favorites from the engagement session before posting about their wedding. Both Madalyn and Cameron are photographers, too, so they brought along an old brownie style…

Ashley & Daniel’s Engagement

Have you been to Kitchen 324, in downtown OKC? What a cool new restaurant! It reminds me of vacation restaurants back East, though I can’t exactly put my finger on the reasons why. The huge windows, natural light, friendly wait staff and delicious food are just the highlights. It’s always nice to find a new, excellent restaurant…

Jamie & Edd: Engaged!

It’s Independence Day! Hope you’re able to spend it surrounded by people you love, doing things you enjoy. We just finished editing Jamie and Edd’s engagement portraits, and are happy to share some of our favorites with you. Friends & family can view the entire online gallery here, and purchase some prints if they like….