"The Daily Ittefaq" is one of the most popular Bengali newspaper in Bangladesh. There are a large number of people whose are selected this newspaper as their first choice. In Bangladesh there are many newspaper which are broadcasting different type of news related with political, economical, environmental, local, sports, entertainment, whole world or many different types of news to the people. Every day there are a large number of people find out different type of news through out the world. The daily ittefaq is one of the newspaper which present the absolute news to the people. Two types of edition format is broadcasting Daily Ittefaq one is broadsheet and another is online edition. The honorable founder of this newspaper is sir Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani and Yar Mohammad Khan. The publisher is Mohibul ahsan shawon and editor is Anwar hossain manzu. The Daily Ittefaq most popular newspaper is founded 24 December in 1953. First time Ittefaq newspaper was published as a weekly newspaper. At the beginning this newspaper was faced with many difficult problem. Ittefaq had an important role in 1954s general election. Ittefaq always opposed all military rule of Pakistan from ayub khan to yahya khan. The daily ittefaq was supported the six point program. This newspaper has an very important role in the liberation war in Bangladesh. In the liberation war ittefaq office was burnt down by Pakistani military force. At present the ownership of this newspaper is replaced to the Manik mias son and Anwar hossain is the editor of daily ittefaq.


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